Saturday, September 6, 2014


The second week has come and gone. This was a short week thanks to Labor Day, but it didn't feel short due to the amount of reading that was due for Visual Culture (which had they be read on a computer screen). I realize the potential importance of this class, but there is something about it, and maybe it's just the language to he book's author uses, that bugs me. I have spent the balance tater part of the last 15 years arguing against the elitism that is all too common in that art world. It's here are aspects of this class that appear to meet to be a strengthening of this attitude. And I don't like that. In my opinion, art should back accessible to the public and not require long, drawn out analysis to not only understand it been t to also understand what it means "to understand". We've only had 2 classes though, so I'm willing to give the class the benefit of he doubt.

After more than 19 sketches, I finally decided on the first piece of furniture that I will be making. And though I have been told that keeping this first piece simple is for the best, I still feel like my design should be something more in a design sense. I am very attached to the artistic meaning behind it though, so I guess I will just have to make sure my craftsmanship is as flawless as possible. I've finishes d the majority of my model, with just some small elements left that will help make it more fleshed out.