Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Bandsaw Boxes: Where Have You Been All My Life?

In the past week and a half, I have had the opportunity to try my hand at some bandsaw boxes.  I completed my Wall project and had the time to try out something new.  I have had a blast making these.  Using some of the wood glued up by the Holey Knollers, I made my first box (note: these boxes are for the sale we will be having).  I decided to keep the first box fairly simple, though I cup one end at an angle and made the lid rotate on a dowel.

I lined the inside with felt to not only give it a more finished look, but also to hide some imperfections from the bandsaw.  I finished it with danish oil.

For the second box, I wanted to stretch the idea of the bandsaw box a little.  The ones I have seen have mostly either had a lid, drawer, or door.  I decided to make one that had both a lid and a drawer, so I made a combo box.

I wasn't happy with the amount of space left over in the drawer that was created by loss from the bandsaw, so I decided to create a drawer face that ran the height of the entire box, coming flush to the lid.

I had made this from leftover birch and maple from my Wall project.  While it was at this stage, I found myself unhappy with how the wood looked by itself.  I decided I wanted a high gloss, painted finish.

This is the finished product, minus some waxing to keep things from sticking.  Overall, I am really happy with these pieces and learned some things not to do and ways to troubleshoot some other issues.  I plan on continuing making bandsaw boxes, seeing what all I can do with them and how I can incorporate these into other projects.